Multi-button entrance panel


EAN-5060514913215 (gold)
EAN-5060514913222 (silver)
EAN-5060514913208 (black)

Stylish design combined with modern technology



The unique multi-apartment entrance panel has a stylish design.

BI-12FB is available in gold, silver and black. It is equipped with a wide-angle camera and supports BAS-IP UKEY mobile access. Using BI-12FB panel, it is possible to make direct calls to both internal monitors and the concierge. The device fits perfectly into the interior of a small office or cottage.

The panel has a unique 3D face recognition feature. This identifying technology is integrated into the BAS-IP panels and uses the camera of the outdoor panel and infrared sensors for its operation.

The technology uses hybrid 3D face recognition using several IR sensors and in-depth analysis. Triggered in 0.6 seconds.

Once the tenants & common visitors are identified, the entrance panel can automatically unlock and voice an important message or useful information about the residential complex.


Panel typeMulti-button
Сamera angle110° (horizontal)
Resolution2,0 Мp
Output videoHD (1280×720), H.264 Main Profile
Night backlight6 LEDs
Light sensitivity0,01 Lux
Protection classIP65
Working temperature-40 – +65 °С
Operating humidity0% – 86%
Storage Humidity0% – 60%
Power consumption6,5 W, in standby – 3,6 W
Power supply+12 V DC (+8% -4%)
ColorsGold, Silver, Black
Dimensions379×158×49 mm
InstallationFlush mounting, wall mounting with BR-AA12
KeyboardMechanical buttons with backlight
Box dimensions440×202,5×97 mm
Gross weight3,42 kg
InterfaceMultilanguage, WEB-interface
Lock opening• By means of a monitor
• Face Recognition Identification
• By QR code
• By guest link
• By Pin
• By access card
• The BAS-IP Intercom app
• The BAS-IP UKEY app
• From API
Access control• Face Recognition
• UKEY (EM-Marin/ MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
• Multi-factor authentication
Calling the lift to the floorYes
Identifiers in the panel memory20 000
Face recognition Identifiers10 000 faces
Integration with ACS Input/Output WIEGAND-26+
Supported Wiegand types26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64
Quick-dial buttonsConcierge call button
Number of ringtones 4 polyphonic ringtones
Authentication • Separate password for settings
• WEB-interface
Talking mode Duplex
Additionally • Software Link support
• Built-in relay
• Open API
Supported types of identifiers• EM-Marin (EM4100) [ASK 125 KHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight C [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight EV1 [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE ID [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Mini [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 2K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy 2,4 GHz]
• Temic [FSK 125 kHz]
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