23 February, 2015

BAS-IP company presents two new models of the IP outdoor panels – BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08.

In contrast to all traditional individual and multi-apartment outdoor panels, these models can be used for such objects as townhouses for 2 families, duplexes, office centers for 2-8 companies, or blocks of flats. The installation and operating principle of the device are easy: the outdoor panel is installed on the floor with 4 or 8 flats or offices. Thanks to that, there will be no need to purchase and install 4 separate outdoor panels.

As a result, you can save both money and mounting space, because one panel costs less than 4 or 8 items. As a result, you get the high-quality and functional outdoor panel at an affordable price.

Thanks to the incorporation of a metal case, the device looks solid while installed next to the front door or office. This panel can be installed both outside and indoors. The reliable dust-proof and moisture-proof case has been classified as ensuring IP65 protection level.

An important function of BA-04 and BA-08 outdoor panels is the EM-Marin contactless card reader. To properly secure doorways of households, offices and other objects, it is recommended to change security cards for contactless cards. Then, doors can be opened via outdoor panel almost instantly, by applying a contactless card to the reader unit. Such an identification card is easy to carry, it fits perfectly into the wallet, and the user does not need to take it out to apply it to the panel. The administrator can get a practical control system together with BAS-IP reader units at an affordable price.

In addition, the updated version of the BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08 v3 devices utilize technologies that allow devices supporting the SIP-protocol to work as a part of the system, regardless of whether they are video intercoms, smart phones, tablets, or computers. New possibilities allow for forwarding a call from an individual or multi-apartment outdoor panel to the SIP-client, which is an application installed on the mobile device, as well as for answering a call or opening the door if need be.

While installing the device, the user can adjust the viewing angle of the BAS-IP BA-04 / BA-08 v3 outdoor panel to improve the observation capabilities. LED-lights implemented will perfectly lighten the visitor (during the call), which will make him or her fully visible even at night.

Yet another feature of the outdoor panels discussed is the additional concierge call button – it is implemented in the BAS-IP products only at the moment.

Classic elegant design, damage-proof metal case, and top functionality – all these characteristics are combined in BA-04 and BA-08models.