23 February, 2015

BAS-IP company presents two new models of the IP outdoor panels BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08.

Compared to all traditional individual and multi-apartment outdoor panels, these models are widely used for other objects, in particular, townhouses for 2 families, duplexes, office centers for 2-8 companies, block of flats and others. The installation and operating principles of the device are easy: the outdoor panel is installed on the floor with 4 or 8 flats or offices, for this reason there will be no more need for purchasing and installation of the 4 separate outdoor panels.

So that, you are saving both money and mounting location, because one panel costs less than 4 or 8 items. As a result, you get the high-quality and functional outdoor panel at affordable prices.

Due to the metal case, it looks solid near the front door or office. This panel can be installed both outside and indoors. Reliable dust-proof and moisture-proof case matches the IP65 degree of protection.

An important functional element of the outdoor panels BA-04 and BA-08 is contactless card reader EM-Marin. To easy up the doorway of the households, office workers and other trusted subjects, one should change the access passes for security cards in the form of contactless cards. And then, the door can be opened via outdoor panel in one movement, applying contactless card to the reader unit. Such identification card is easy to carry, alike the subway card, it fits perfectly into the wallet, and you don’t have to remove it, applying it to the panel. Accordingly, you get a practical control system together with the BAS-IP reader units at affordable cost.

In addition, the update version of the devices BAS-IP BA-04 and BA-08 v3 are using technologies that allow any devices with SIP-protocol support to work as a counterpart – whether that are video intercom, smart phone, tablet or computer. New possibilities allow forwarding a call from the individual or multi-apartment outdoor panel to the SIP-client, which is an application installed on the mobile device, as well as to answer a call or to open the door if desired.

When installing, the user can adjust the viewing angle on the outdoor panel with a turning chamber BAS-IP BA-04 / BA-08 v3 to improve the observation of the front door area. The LED-lights will perfectly lighten the visitor (during the call) during the hours of darkness.
A nice feature of the outdoor panels for several users is the additional concierge call button – this is the function implemented only in the BAS-IP production at the moment.

Classical elegant design, damage-proof metal case, functionality – all these characteristics are combined in the models BA-04 and BA-08.