The outdoor panel


The BAS-IP AA-12FB multi-apartment panel has been designed perfectly according to all technical and visual users' desires.

It provides high quality video transmission and clear sound on internal monitors. You can comfortably control the panel using the well-thought out interface on the 4.3 inch colour screen.

EAN-5060514912836 (Silver)
EAN-5060514912843 (Gold)
EAN-5060514912829 (Black)

Face recognition

The panel supports automatic face recognition, which allows you to open the door to a tenant who does not have any key rings or identifiers.

It uses 3D facial recognition technology employing several IR sensors and in-depth analysis. Triggered in 0.6 seconds.

Next generation camera

The next generation IP camera with a wide-angle view transmits an HD quality image to users' monitors. Due to the night backlight mode, 6 LEDs help to show a visitor even without any external illumination.

Buttons with unlimited resource of keystrokes

AA-12FB multi-apartment panels are equipped with piezoelectric buttons. They have some advantages when compared with mechanical ones:

- unlimited resource of keystrokes
- complete dust and moisture resistance
- high reliability due to the lack of moving parts
- operational under extreme temperature conditions
- responsive when wearing gloves

Customisation of the interface and sound greeting

AA-12 outdoor panels provide the opportunity to change standard welcome sounds and screen labels for events, for example:

- logo
- pressing panel keys
- unlocking
- call control – dial tone
- error
- emergency

Proximity sensor

Even without external illumination, a visitor won't need to look for buttons to call.

The AA-12FB panel automatically detects motion nearby and unblocks the screen with a welcome sound.

Integration with ACS

The panel supports the Wiegand-26 interface, so it can be used as a part of a wider access control system. It offers many ways to unlock:

– from the monitor
– via HTTP
– using a code
– using a card
– using the BAS-IP UKEY app (optional)
– using the BAS-IP Intercom app
– from the panel web-interface


The panel supports UKEY mobile access to allow for unlocking with a smartphone. You can use standard keychains and cards at the same time. Learn more about the technology and watch how to apply it in our video overviews.

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Integration with video surveillance and IP telephony systems

As part of a video surveillance system

The panel can pass video via RTSP or ONVIF protocol to NVR, performing the function of a video surveillance camera in your system.

As part of an IP telephony system

The panel passes a call to any SIP device even to a usual SIP telephone.

Open API

Open API allows you to control the functionality of the panel from anywhere in the world, as well as to integrate it with third-party systems.

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General characteristics
Panel typeMulti-apartment
Display4.3“ TFT, colour, with backlight
Angle90° horizontal × 56° vertical
Resolution1.3 Мp
Output videoHD (1280×720), H.264 Main Profile
Night backlight6 LEDs
Light sensitivity0.01 Lux
Protection classIP65
Working temperature-40 – +65 °С
Operating humidity0% – 86%
Storage Humidity0% – 60%
Power consumption6.5 W, in standby – 3.6 W
Power supply+12 V DC (+8% -4%)
ColorsGold, Silver, Black
Dimensions for installation358×140×58 mm
Dimensions of the panel380×158×49 mm
InstallationFlush mount, wall mount with BR-AA12
KeyboardPiezoelectric buttons
InterfaceMultilanguage, WEB-interface
Lock opening• By means of a monitor
• A code
• An access card
• The BAS-IP Intercom application
• The BAS-IP UKEY application
• Face Recognition Identification
Access controlUKEY (EM-Marin/MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
Identifiers in the panel memory20 000
Face recognition identifications10 000 faces
Integration with ACS Output WIEGAND-26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64 bit
Supported Wiegand types26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64
Quick-dial buttonsConcierge call button
Number of ringtones 4 polyphonic ringtones
Authentication Separate password allowing to access the settings
Talking mode Duplex
Additionally • Software Link support
• Built-in relay
• Proximity sensor
• Open API
Supported types of identifiers• EM-Marin (EM4100) [ASK 125 KHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight C [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight EV1 [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE ID [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Mini [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 2K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy 2,4 GHz]
• Temic [FSK 125 kHz]
Detailed characteristics

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