Operator monitor


Stylish design, modern technology

Operator monitor which works in tandem with the call stations, CV-01 and CV-02. These are combined in the IP alarm system with feedback. This system is the perfect solution for places like parking, hospitals, factories and industrial plants – all those places where high-quality IP communications can help solve emerging problems.

This system can also be used where analog communications cannot be applied due to the technical limitations associated with distance. For example, assistance poles (Help stations) in the parks or along the highways is an excellent solution for this system.


Display9” TFT LCD, touch
Screen resolution800×480
Power consumption6,7 W, standby - 4,7 W
Power supply+12 V (PSU included)
Dimensions303×195×29,5 mm
InstallationTable installation
Number of ringtones4 polyphonic ringtones
Intercom typeVideo intercom
IntercomWith all call stations, with all operator monitors
Receiving messagesReceives alarm messages from call stations
Monitoring of door status on the call stationsYes, can open all the locks at the same time
Control of the availability of call stations in the networkYes
Incoming callsPut on waiting, call transfer, secondary incoming call
Software updateThrough SD card, via Ethernet
Control of the noise level near call stationsYes (alarm when exceeding a specified noise threshold)
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